Are you feeling all this intensity right now?

Are you feeling all this intensity right now?

What a crazy times to live in.

I’m switching a few times a day between anxiety/losing my faith and feeling my inner guidance and strength stronger than ever.

Switching between the sadness of losing friends that once were a part of my life and gratitude with the new ones that entered my life and suit me better right here, right now.

I can’t believe every decision that claims our freedom while at the same time I notice a deep knowing that no one can have it. My soul is free. I chose to be here, come this far and spread light anyway. My energy is mine.

However, I have to deal with all of these feelings and find my way out of them. There’s a better advisor, a better way. So let’s feel them, thank them and realize they’re not our reality.

Choose to be in higher grounds these days.

Yes, you can.

You are not alone.

You never are.

When you feel otherwise, ask for guidance. Ask for healing. Ask for answers. Enter inside.

Remember this is your safe place.

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